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Lesli is a SaaS Development Framework designed to build highly scalable, secure and customizable software products.

Built-on top of Ruby on Rails, Postgres, Vuejs, Bulma, SASS and many more awesome open-source libraries, packages, gems and tools.

Lesli provides a set of powerful features and can be extended through modules and provide a standard process to easely create custom modules.

Lesli goes beyond being just a starter-kit or template. Lesli is a Ruby on Rails-based core gem that you can use to build modules (a.k.a. engines) leveraging its robust set of modules, built-in features, generators, components, and industry standards. With Lesli, you have the flexibility to extend existing functionalities or develop fully customized software tailored to your specific needs.

Why Lesli?

Lesli is completely open source and comes with features and tools that can save you years of development effort, additionally, our pre-built modules can seamlessly extend Lesli's functionality, allowing you to build your own SaaS in a matter of minutes.

Leslie is published under the General Public License version 3, which means you are free to use, copy, redistribute it and/or modify Lesli (under the terms of the GNU General Public License).

Ruby on Rails

The text "Ruby on Rails SaaS Development Framework." describes a software development platform that utilizes the Ruby on Rails framework to build Software as a Service (SaaS) applications.

Ruby on Rails, often referred to as Rails, is a popular open-source web application framework written in the Ruby programming language. It follows the Model-View-Controller (MVC) architectural pattern, providing developers with a structured and efficient way to build web applications.

SaaS Framework

In the context of SaaS development, the framework leverages Ruby on Rails to create scalable and customizable software solutions that can be accessed by users over the internet. SaaS refers to a software delivery model where applications are centrally hosted and provided as a service to customers. This eliminates the need for users to install and maintain software locally, as they can access the application through a web browser.

Ruby on Rails SaaS Development Framework.

By utilizing Ruby on Rails as the underlying framework, the SaaS development framework benefits from its extensive libraries, conventions, and built-in features. Rails simplifies common web development tasks, such as routing, database management, and handling user authentication, enabling developers to focus on building the core functionalities of their SaaS applications efficiently.