Ruby on Rails SaaS Development Framework.

Lesli provides all the necessary tools to build your SaaS, empowering you and your team to focus on business and what makes your software special.

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{{    Lesli is currently in alpha, but we're excited about the promising improvements coming soon!    }}

Lesli was designed to create highly customizable, scalable and secure software products.


Scalable, extensible and easy to use PostgreSQL database

  • Relational design
  • Versionable database
  • Easy to scale
  • Maintenable


Built-on top of Ruby and Ruby on Rails

  • Fully extendable
  • Modular architecture
  • Roles & privileges ready
  • Activity tracking systems


Multichannel & multiple client apps

  • Web application
  • Desktop client
  • Android app
  • iOS app
  • Rest API

Batteries are included

Lesli comes with the features your software needs


Make staff feel at home by theming the Web App, Desktop Clients and Mobile Apps.

Full text search

Enable users to find their data quick and easy through global or local search.

Public Link Sharing

Share files and folders with outside contacts, protected by passwords and expiry dates.

Secure View

Let users safely distribute confidential documents with maximum control.


A better way to interact with Lesli via chatbot, voice assistant or typing commands.

Advance role management

Add two or more factors for login, such as passwords, one-time codes or magic links.

Detailed privileges for users

Add two or more factors for login, such as passwords, one-time codes or magic links.

Multi-Factor Authentication

Add two or more factors for login, such as passwords, one-time codes or magic links.

System Auditing

Log actions of users and admins for compliance and security.


Available in any language needed.

And much more...


Keep updated on all activities and updates across all the objects in Lesli, all through an organized and easy to use view.


Communicate with comments to share ideas, inputs or feedback in a conversation thread focusing on a particular project, task, event or any discussion topic.


Get updates of all the activity that happens over the objects that are important for you through real-time in-app, desktop, email, and mobile notifications.

Custom fields

Custom fields enable to configure Lesli exactly to your needs, You can create additional fields for different sections and components like projects, tasks, events, contacts and so on.


A workflow is defined as a task executed between status transitions, example: workflows allows you to defined tasks like notifications, document generation, send emails automatically when status of a project change.


Discover powerful custom actions to standardize your workflows, avoid errors and reduce manual work.


Easily upload documents to share with your team at one central place to keep them organized and find them quickly whenever required.


Dashboard is a useful tool where you can display important information of your company, for example the latest news, tasks assigned to you or reported timesheets.

We have a module for that

Lesli provides carefully designed and developed modules ready to integrate, extend or start working with your daily work


Human Resources Management


Proposal and quotation management


Unified calendar app


Task management


Notification system


Team communication


Support ticket system


System log analytics


Core system settings


Translation management


Cloud Infrastructure Management



By developers for developers

Lesli is built and maintained following high quality software development standards

Code Generation

Rails scaffolds with vitamins.

UI Templates

Just copy and paste the examples to quickly build a beautiful app.

Responsive Design

Our interfaces work perfectly on all devices.

Complete Test Coverage

We implement a full suite of automated integration tests so there are no bugs in your software.

Software up to date

We work with the latest versions of the tools.