Install Lesli

Clone the repo

Clone the repo from Github (available really soon):

git clone [email protected]:LesliTech/Lesli.git project_name 

Change project_name with the name of your project.

Ruby on Rails

Lesli is a standard Ruby on Rails application, to install and run Lesli first we have to install gems, configure a database connection, create, migrate and seed the database and finally run the Rails Server.


To install the necessary Gems to run Lesli:

bundle install


Edit the standard RoR credentials to add information about the database:

EDITOR="nano" rails credentials:edit --environment development

This is an example of what the credentials should look like:

    database: "database-name"
    username: "database-username"
    password: "database-password"

Lesli include a Rake task to start our database:

rake dev:db:reset

This task is going to: create, migrate, seed and initialize our database.

Run Lesli

We can finally run our awesome application :)

rails server

Logging into your new Lesli application

The seeders comes with default users with different roles and privileges, to see Lesli in action use the owner user:

It is possible to add development users, roles, privileges and more; we will explore this options later in the documentation.