Lesli is a SaaS development platform designed to build highly scalable, secure and customizable software products.

Built-on top of Ruby on Rails, Postgres, Vuejs, Bulma, SASS and many more awesome open-source libraries, packages, gems and tools.

Lesli provides a set of powerful features and can be extended through modules and provide a standard process to easely create custom modules.

Lesli is not a starter-kit or a template, Lesli is a Ruby on Rails core where you can build modules (a.k.a. engines), using the built-in features, generators, components and standards to extend the functionalities or create full custom software.

Why Lesli?

Lesli is completely open source and comes with features and tools that can save you years of development effort, also you can use our ready-made modules to extend the functionality of Lesli, so you can build your own SaaS in just minutes.

Leslie is published under the General Public License version 3, which means you are free to copy, redistribute it and/or modify it (under the terms of the GNU General Public License).